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Om Felipe KB

Felipe Kolb Bernardes is a Brazilian / German artist who moved to Sweden after living nine years in Japan. He is a passionate illustrator and storyteller who transitions between autobiographical and fantasy narratives. His practice includes animation, children’s books, and visual storytelling.

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Childless in Japan

A young man’s series of misfortunes leaves him childless and depressed in a foreign country. Risograph zine. 90 kr. Buy at: https://www.hybriden.se/product/childless-in-japan/

FE&JUada Comics

Slice of life autobiographical comics depicting the life and adventures of Felipe Kolb Bernardes and Julia Nascimento as foreigners in Japan. 120 kr. Buy at: https://www.hybriden.se/product/fejuada-comics/

Comic Anthology: Monogatari

A collection of 13 narratives by Tokyo-based artists, each telling a unique visual story revolving around a thing, rather than a human, with a fresh perspective on metropolis. 100 kr. Buy at: https://www.hybriden.se/product/monogatari/

Magazine: CBA vol. 52 BURNOUT

Comic made around the theme of burnout. We follow Arthur a zombie that falls into the trap of the gig economy. 89 kr. Buy at: https://www.hybriden.se/en/product/cba-vol-52-9789187825262/

Felipe’s Adventures

My daily life with humour and imagination. I portray in a fun way happenings and my crazy ideas.



Free to read on Webtoons!

Detective Jones

A private investigator zombie working for humans. Humorous and light-hearted cases in two-panel comics.



Free to read on Webtoons!